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Electronic Jet Kit, Victory, all models, 2008-
Price2 900.00

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EJK Controller Key Feature Explanations

    The EJK controller is one of the only controllers on the market which allows a large range of adjustability without the use of a computer. We like to use the term 'on-the-fly' tuning. You can literally drive the vehicle, make setting adjustments, and instantaneously feel the results. Obviously for safety purposes we recommend you pull over to the side before making adjustments. Some after-market EFI controllers like to claim 'on-the-fly' tuning which to them means toggling only between a couple preset maps. The EJK controller actually has 11,390,625 available maps in the unit which are accessible without using a computer program to reprogram the unit. There does exist a computer program called POWERLAB and the EJK controllers can be reprogrammed by a computer, but most users do not require this ability. Why deal with the complexity? It's an Electronic Jet Kit to make fuel injection tuning easy, simple, and fast so you can enjoy more time riding.
    You do not have to be a professional mechanic or tuner and have access to a dynamometer in order to tune your vehicle with the EJK controller. Knowledge and good equipment obviously are a huge plus, but you can do just as good a job and sometimes better by tuning in real world riding situations. The EJK controller allows this by breaking down a drive cycle into very understandable zones to make adjustments. Most EJK controllers have the basic Idle/Cruise, Acceleration, and Full Throttle zones to adjust. Every rider can understand this terminology. The greatest advantage about tuning your vehicle yourself is your ride will be custom set up to your driving style.
  • Plug N' Play Installation - Minutes to Install, Base Settings are Preset
    All of the offered EJK controllers are plug n' play installations and can be done in a manner of minutes instead of hours. All you have to do is locate the OEM injector connections on your vehicle. Most of the time this will only require you to remove a few components to gain access to these injector connections. A number of new applications will also require you to find the O2 connections on your vehicle if present. Power for the unit is gained through the injector connections and a black ground wire just needs to be attached to the negative terminal on the battery if present or by a metal screw onto the vehicle frame. After physically installing the EJK controller in most cases you are all set to go on a test ride. The unit comes pre-programmed for a stage 1 setup for each application. After your initial test ride you then can make some fine tune adjustments which may be required based upon your modifications.
  • Uses Unique Load Based Technology
    The EJK controller uses Load Based Technology which sets it apart from most of the competition. Most EFI controllers use what is called 'Alpha-N' Tuning Technology. Alpha-N tuning is associated with just using Throttle Position (TPS) and RPM as the factors to make tuning adjustments. Load Based Technology differs by using Rate, TPS and RPM as the key factors for adjustment. Load Based tuning allows a user to tune their vehicle for every gear and for all riding conditions. Load can easily be explained by stating that riding up a hill puts more "load" on the vehicle than driving on a flat road, but yet the same TPS and RPM can be achieved in both circumstances.
  • Offers Full Range Tunability
    EJK stands for Electronic Jet Kit. Like carburetor jet kits of the past the EJK offers a range of adjustability to tune your vehicle. Instead of physical jets and needles the EJK has this adjustability built into the unit and can quickly be adjusted while riding the vehicle. Essentially with all EFI vehicles software has replaced some hardware. The EJK controller can be installed and set to actually allow the user to still run a stock configuration, but allows the user to ADD or PULL fuel within easy to understand tuning zones.
  • Does Not Interfere with Stock ECU Operation
    This is a very common feature of all after market EFI controllers, but needs to be stated to reassure all end users. The EJK controller does not trip any engine codes or affect the ECU operation in any way.
  • Simple Push Button Adjustment Interface
    The EJK controller offers 'on-the-fly' adjustment using three push buttons on the label interface. The three buttons are labeled MODE, PLUS, and MINUS. With power supplied to the box by either starting the vehicle or just turning the key on, the adjustment modes are accessed by pressing the MODE button. Light setting changes are then made for each respective mode by pressing the PLUS and MINUS buttons. No extra tools are required to make tuning adjustments.
  • Water-Resistant
    The hardware components within an EJK controller are covered with a substance to make the controller water-resistant. The EJK controller is still an electrical device and without this coating would short-circuit when in contact with water based substances. The EJK controller is NOT 100% water proof, but will continue to function properly through rainstorms, snow, washing your vehicle, etc.
  •  2-Year Warranty
    The EJK controllers come with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase against original defects in materials and workmanship. Should the EJK controller fail to perform then the manufacturer will repair or replace the unit to the original retail purchaser at no charge except for shipping charges back to the manufacturer. Proof of purchase may be required.


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